Tahmid Tajwar

The flow of time is eternal, but you can take a picture.

When I am working, I am a junior engineer (in training) at a Utility company. Outside of work I am just someone who likes to capture moments: moments that pass us by constantly, like the endless flowing of a river. What’s interesting though, is that every frame captures a moment that the photographer never gets to witness himself. But that fraction of a second is preserved in a timeless container that conveys a part of that moment to the audience. That is what I hope to achieve though my photos: share small fragments of the tapestry of my life. Life may be fleeting, but photos are timeless

On rotation: June, 2019

What is my process? I don’t have a specific process of taking a photo. However, sometimes I look for subjects to tell a certain story, often inspired by quotes from books or lyrics of songs. Usually I’ll just stumble upon a scene and take a photo of it.

Why do I take photos? Aside from photography being a creative outlet for me, it lets me unplug from the logical part of my mind to the more expressive side.

What make me unique? As an amateur photographer, I am still exploring the depth of the photography world. I have not developed a unique style yet, but I like to experiment with different composition techniques and color palettes. However, I like to preserve the original colors as much as possible.

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