Artist Info

Noam Hacker is a photo-based artist from Toronto. He frequently wanders through the city, alone or with friends, and is most drawn to unusual light and interestingly arranged trash. He has a personal rule to only shoot in black and white in his home city, in an effort to get to know his environment more deeply.

Noam enjoys printing his work as self-published zines, and exploring alternative printing technologies such as Risograph. Lately he has been working exclusively in analog, and spending time in the darkroom refining his printing style.

Noam is also a member of the Education Committee at Gallery 44, and is passionate about bringing artistic learning opportunities to his community.

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leaving image

Contribution: "Leaving, 2022" Inkjet Print, 8 x 12 inch, edition of 1.


Contribution: "Phototropism" I-V - silver gelatin darkroom prints, 8 x 10 inch, editions of 1, with pothos plants and dried leaves from outside the gallery.

Contribution: "Toronto, January 2022" - two-colour risograph print, 17 x 11 inch, edition of 29.

Short-run books

  • Opening Soon, self-published, 2020, edition of 50
  • Picture A Sailboat, self-published, 2021, edition of 50