Karan Thukral

I am a Production Engineer at Shopify and an aspiring photographer. I started photography as a way to explore a hobby beyond technology and sitting at the computer. Though I wouldn't classify myself as creative, photography has given me an outlet to explore that side of me and work that muscle. I can already see how far I've come since I've started and look forward to exploring this outlet in the future

On Rotation: March, 2019

What is my process? I tend to spend a fair amount of time researching new techniques during my down time. When it comes to actually going out to take photos, I unplug, listen to music and walk around till I see something interesting to take photos of.

Why do I take photos? Going out and taking photos allows me to unplug for a little bit. Working as a software developer comes along with always being connected to your laptop or phone and photography gives me a way to escape that as well as the incessant voices in my head.
What makes me unique as a photographer? Currently as I explore photography, I don’t have a single style of photos that I take. Lately I have been experimenting with travel, portraiture, street, food and landscape photography.
Tools: Sony A7ii, Lightroom
Photographers who inspire me: Peter Mckinnon, Brandon Woelfel, Vivian Maier, and many more
Music to pair my photos with: Old School Rock
Find me on: instagram, karanthukral.me