Noam Hacker


I got into photography through a hashtag that could only be described as illusory. The “#puddlegram” was so cool to me because it was a way to create a new type of urban landscape I had never seen before, and that led me to pay more attention to my surroundings wherever I went.

I started with an iPhone, then learned digital photography, and eventually got interested in analog photography. At some point in between, I created this website. Recently I have been developing and scanning my own black and white film at home. For all my experimentation, I still believe that the resulting image is more important than the medium. Lately I really enjoy grouping and sequencing photos, and I hope that is apparent in my zines!

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Tools: Sony a6000, 35mm and medium format cameras, Capture One, Paterson tank, Epson scanner
Photographers who inspire me: too many to list, ask me in person!
Favourite photobooks: Anything that I like, and could find on goodreads, is listed here.
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